Create a serene healing space.

Create a clean uncluttered place that has as much tranquility and privacy as possible.

Treat each session as a sanctuary.

Set a time for your BioMat session and give yourself the luxury of clearing your mind of work or other duties. Listen to calming music or recordings of ocean waves. Calming aroma therapy oils or candle scents such as lavender, are a nice touch for your sanctuary time.

Experiment with different temperatures and durations.

Each person is different, and the BioMat is a very versatile tool. You may benefit more from lower intensity sessions, or higher intensity sessions, or something in between. Pay attention to the different benefits you get from different types of sessions.

Drink plenty of water.

This is especially true when using the BioMat at the higher settings. It will replenish the water lost through sweat.

Allow the benefits to multiply.

The BioMat gives you the support you may need to make positive changes in your life.

Share with friends and family.

As your health and sense of well being improves, you may find that your relationships do too. Share what you have discovered about the BioMat with others. They will love feeling better too.